About Maite

I’m an online business manager (OBM), helping coaches, consultants and creative-minded entrepreneurs run their businesses, reach new levels of success and achieve an improved work-life balance.

I understand that running an online business takes incredible time and effort and I am here to help. Consider me your Chief Operating Officer, working hard behind the scenes to manage the day-to-day details so you can go back and focus on the areas of your business you are truly passionate about.

Before becoming an OBM, I worked in the corporate world as an IT consultant, systems analyst and project manager. For more than 14 years, I used the power of technology to create systems and consistently deliver results for my clients. This is what I can do for you too.

In 2015, I enrolled in a comprehensive Online Business Manager Training and Certification program. This included training sessions in Online Business Models and Strategy, Key Competencies of the Online Business Manager, Business Management Toolbelt – Sharpening your skills, Online Revenue Streams – Maps & Processes. After attending these training sessions, I participated in a week-long intensive certification process.

More about me…

– I am the proud mother of two girls. I always consider my family to be my top priority.

%22Some people live more in twenty yearsthan others do in eighty.It's not the timethat matters,it's the person.%22

– I have a Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering

– I LOVE technology and I enjoy researching and learning new online tools and software.

– I am a big nerd. My favorite TV shows include Doctor Who, Sherlock, Haven, Blacklist and Gotham and I am a BIG Star Wars fan

– I also sew, scrapbook, design and create jewelry and spend way too much time reading and watching movies on Netflix

– I love to travel – 12 countries and counting!

– I am an organizer. To-do lists and deadlines make me happy.

– I pride myself on loyalty, dependability and hard work. As your OBM, I promise to be totally invested in your business and of course, your success.